Attention to small details that are often overlooked is what helps set Knight’s Armament apart from others within the firearm industry. An excellent example of this philosophy is embodied in our line of Control Accessories. Each is designed, tested and manufactured entirely in-house. So whether it’s an ambidextrous safety selector, sling mounting solution, or match grade trigger assembly, rest assured it has undergone a thorough test and evaluation process before it is allowed to leave our facility. Every Knight’s Armament Control Accessory serves a single underlying purpose: improving the shooter’s ability to manipulate and effectively utilize their rifle.
Knight’s Armament Company’s line of Folding Backup Iron Sights have fast become the standard by which all others are judged. KAC’s Micro Iron Sights are the choice of the United States Army, Marine Corps and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide for a reason. They are built to exceedingly strict tolerances, maintain zero under adverse conditions and, when folded, have one of the lowest profile top-rail footprints in the industry. KAC’s 45 Degree Micro Offset Sights are likewise built to the same standards of excellence and, when coupled with a high magnification day optic, they allow the shooter to engage both close and long range targets with great speed and precision..
In our pursuit to embrace cutting edge solutions for the shooting community, Knight’s Armament is proud to offer a full selection of Keymod compatible accessories. The Keymod mounting bracket system has revolutionized the manner in which tactical accessories are attached to a rifle’s handguard by offering a true “plug and play” interface that has been standardized industry-wide. In addition to the universal nature of the Keymod system, there are significant reductions in both weight and bulk over a traditional Picatinny rail system. KAC’s Keymod lineup includes many of the most sought after rail-mounted accessories, including numerous lengths of M1913 Picatinny Rail, offset iron sights, sling mounts, rail panel kits and more. Each KAC Keymod accessory was designed for seamless functionality with the new URX 4 Rail, yet each is also fully compatible with any other rifle handguard that has a Keymod interface. .
Knight’s Armament Company has been designing, testing, and manufacturing signature reduction devices for over 30 years. From humble beginnings using hand calculations coupled with extensive testing, KAC’s suppressor research and design have progressed with the pace of technology. The use of finite element analysis programs, high speed video, thermal imaging and sound pressure recording devices in our suppressor development have helped KAC maintain its legacy of pioneering influential Signature Reduction Devices. The resulting innovative sound suppression products like the quick detach NT-4, the reflex-style Mk11/M110 suppressor, and our new QDC (Quick Disconnect Coupler) platform, have led to Knight’s becoming the largest supplier of sound suppressors to the U.S. government. One of our primary goals at Knight’s Armament is to drive suppressor technology forward. Each Signature Reduction product we manufacture serves as a testament to this effort, and the benefits are passed on to every one of our customers..
KAC’s muzzle devices serve as an example of Knight’s tradition of inventing pragmatic solutions and ingenious designs. Our muzzle devices and sound suppressors are developed simultaneously, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two components. The result is a complete package that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Our newest line of QDC (Quick Disconnect Coupler) flash hiders and compensators are a fine example, with each muzzle device acting as a quick detach mounting platform for a companion KAC QDC sound suppressor. As stand-alone products, KAC’s entire catalog of muzzle devices are specifically engineered to reduce felt recoil, diffuse blast, and/or minimize a weapon’s flash signature. From the all-Inconel Triple Tap compensator, to the emerging MAMS (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) Brake, to our latest 3-prong flash hider, the interoperability, superiority, and practicality of these muzzle devices is clear to see.
One of the products that put Knight’s Armament on the map was the revolutionary M4 Carbine Rail Adapter System (RAS), a robust quad rail handguard that has been issued to over 1 million of our nation’s warfighters. We have since consistently improved and refined our rail system designs, constantly striving for better ergonomics, lighter weight, increased stability and added modularity. The new URX 4 Rail is an example of KAC’s drive to innovate and manufacture intelligent solutions for the modern shooter. The URX 4 Rail is our first Keymod-accessory-compatible system, as well as our most stable rail to date due to its onepiece construction. The URX 4’s unique Integrated Barrel Nut (IBN) attachment method allows the rail itself to act as the barrel nut, eliminating this separate component entirely and creating an exceptionally lightweight, yet solid, platform.
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